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Created 2020-02-20
Owner hijuly
Title Sand and Stone Production Line

Stone production line, according to the customer's funds and the requirements of crushing material granularity, can design and build a reasonable stone production line or artificial sand production line for customers. According to the output size, particle size, configuration of different production equipment.

Stone crusher machine is an important equipment of sand production line. It can be used for aggregate and artificial sand making of hard limestone, granite, basalt, pebble, metallurgical slag and other materials. It is suitable for the application of hydropower, building materials, highway, urban construction and other industries. According to different process requirements, various types of equipment are combined to meet different process requirements of customers.

The overall equipment of the aggregate production line is reasonably matched with high configuration, high operation efficiency, high output, high quality of the stone, good shaping effect, high application value and high economic benefit value. In addition, the new wear-resistant and compression resistant raw materials are used in the manufacturing of the equipment. The overall quality of the production line is excellent and the service life is long, and the road ahead is further.

The selection of matching equipment is basically intelligent equipment. In addition to the two links of feeding, motor on and off, the whole production line needs personnel to take care of, other places do not need too much human resources investment. The matching of equipment is reasonable and economic, the layout of production site is reasonable, the floor area is small, and the operation saves time, labor and investment cost.

Sand and stone production line is also an environmental protection actor. In the design, it is more designed from the perspective of environmental protection. The equipment basically has the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. It is also equipped with auxiliary equipment for dust removal and noise reduction. The noise is low, and the whole production line is more environmentally friendly in operation.

Aggregate Stone Crusher:

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