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Created 2020-04-14
Owner hijuly
Title Granite Crushing Production Line

Granite crushing production line is one of the common production lines in gravel production. The granite crushing plant is featured by high automation, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, uniform particle size and good particle shape, which is suitable for construction of various large and medium-sized projects such as highway and bridge. The design output of granite crushing production line is generally 50-800t / h. In order to meet different processing needs of customers, cone crusher and dust removal equipment can be equipped.

The raw material is preliminarily crushed by the jaw crusher; secondly, the coarse material produced is transported to the fine crusher by the belt conveyor for further crushing; then, the fine crushed stone enters the vibrating screen to separate three different sizes of stones and stones, and the oversized stones return to the impact crusher for further crushing.

Advantages of Granite Process Line

The production cost of the whole production line is low. Generally, the traditional granite crushing production line needs a large amount of water for sand washing in the production. To a certain extent, the user increases the investment in water resources, while the production line does not need the investment in water, which reduces the investment in capital to a certain extent. In addition, the production line has stable operation, high production efficiency, short recovery cycle and small investment risk, which is worth the investment of users and friends.

1. The layout design of the production line is reasonable, the floor area is small and the running stability is good;

2. The overall investment is small, the income is high and the operation cost is relatively low;

3. Simple operation and high safety;

4. Simple maintenance, low cost and strong expansibility in the later stage.

Granite Crushing Processing:

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